The Guernsey Charitable Foundation focuses its grant-making in the following four categories:

  • Social Issues

  • Education

  • Family Life & Community Betterment

  • Health, Recreation, & Fitness



The Guernsey Charitable Foundation awards grants to organizations in the following eight Iowa counties:

  • Benton

  • Black Hawk

  • Bremer

  • Buchanan

  • Butler

  • Grundy

  • Fayette

  • Tama

  1. Review the Guernsey Charitable Foundation’s mission statement, policies, and grant limitations.

  2. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the Executive Director, Casey Reints, at 319.226.3434 to determine appropriateness of request and to receive guidance on application submission.

  3. Applications can be mailed to  PO Box 1172 Waterloo, IA or emailed in PDF format to The application should be filled out entirely, without exceeding 3-4 pages in length. Additional attachments are required, and are listed on the application form.

  4. Typical grant awards range from $100—$30,000.

  5. A documentation of contribution form is to be returned to the Guernsey Foundation upon receipt of funds.

  6. A post-granting evaluation is required after 9-12 months of receipt of funds. If re-applying the following year, your evaluation must be received prior to submitting another grant application.

  7. Preference will be given to applicants from these contiguous counties: Black Hawk, Bremer, Benton, Buchanan, Butler, Grundy, Tama, and Fayette.


In order to focus our resources, there are a number of organizations and programs that the Guernsey Charitable Foundation does not fund. Generally, we do not grant to the following:

  • Individuals

  • Business ventures

  • Organizations that are not established 501(c)(3) nonprofits or government entities

  • Organizations that limit membership or services based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, socio-economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, or religion.

  • Endowments of any kind

  • Conferences, seminars, trips, or similar events

  • Advertising for benefit or courtesy purposes

  • Operating expenses of organizations supported by United Way, with the exception of United Way

  • Religious or sectarian programs for religious purposes

  • National health organizations and their affiliates

  • Veteran, labor, and political organizations or campaigns

  • Fraternal, athletic, and social clubs


Submission Deadline                         Decision By

March 15 — spring cycle                      June 1

August 15 — fall cycle                          November 1


Applicants are encouraged to contact Casey Reints, Executive Director with any questions.

Ph: 319.226.3434


Trustees meet twice per year in the spring and fall. All requests for funds are voted on by the Guernsey Charitable Foundation’s Board of Trustees.  Applicants will be sent written notice informing them of the Trustee decision.



P.O. Box 1172

100 E. Park Ave Suite 230

Waterloo, IA 50704

T: 319-226-3434