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The founders of the Guernsey Charitable Foundation are Max and Helen Guernsey, longtime residents of the Waterloo Community. Through this organization the Guernseys pass on their faith and support in people. It is in this spirit the resources of the Guernsey Charitable Foundation are distributed.


On July 9, 1996, the Max and Helen Guernsey Charitable Foundation became a viable corporation. Its defined purpose is “to operate exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary, and educational purposes as a nonprofit corporation with its activities so conducted and for the purposes of making distributions to organizations that qualify as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) or the Internal Revenue Code.”


Six directors constituted the Board: Max Guernsey, Helen Guernsey, Gary Nelson, Thomas Paulsen, Harold Strever, and Robert Wilson. In 2000, a change was issued reflecting that “directors” of this board would hereinafter be “trustees.” At meetings held twice each year, the trustees vote on all requests for funds. At this time the board of trustees consists of Soo Greiman, Lois Johnson, Gary Nelson, Thomas Paulsen, and Harold Strever.


Funding and granting officially began in October 1997.  During calendar year 1998 the Guernsey Charitable Foundation was up and running, awarding and disbursing nineteen grants to organizations and charities. During 1999, the Foundation continued to grow in number and diversity of grant disbursements, with 29 grants.


In August 2000, the foundation’s first Executive Director, Soo Greiman was hired. Soo remained in that role for nearly 20 years, transitioning to her current role as a trustee, in early 2020. In February 2020, Casey Reints was hired and currently serves as the foundation’s Executive Director.


Moving forward, it is expected that the Guernsey Charitable Foundation will continue to enhance its ability to work in partnership with people of the extended community, helping support programs that enhance character, values, services, science, and education.


Guernsey Charitable Foundation’s mission is to work in  partnership with others to improve the vitality of our      community, addressing issues important now and into the  future. We focus our support on a broad spectrum of needs  including: education that builds character, programs that enhance family life, key social issues, science programs that aim for community betterment, health and life skills, sports, fitness, and activities that recognize the value of people.


Top row, left-to-right:

Tom Paulsen, Gary Nelson, Duke Strever


Bottom row left-to-right:

Lois Johnson, Soo Greiman 


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